Matrix Fitness Entertainment.

Individual entertainment options are often the most critical feature in the mind of the user. It affects not only the decision about which machine to use, but also the decision to get to the club in the first place. That's why Matrix cardio machines offer the most innovative and aesthetically refined entertainment solutions on the market.

Entertainment Compatibility.

Matrix Cardio is CSAFE ready and compatible with facility broadcast systems such as Cardio TheaterT and Broadcast VisionT, using standard receivers.


FITCONNEXIONT Entertainment Technology.

The ultimate in personal entertainment, our FITCONNEXIONT fully integrates console controls and wiring for power and cable with a mounting bracket for personal flat-screen TVs. FITCONNEXIONT brackets fit all Matrix bikes and ellipticals for clean, seamless placement. FITCONNEXIONT treadmill stand guarantees vibration-free performance.

Matrix LCD Total Solutions for Entertainment System
























Attractive Appearance

It’s designed to perfectly match Matrix Cardio equipment and give the user a compact style appealing to durability and safety. Plus, the screen is positioned to reduce glare and provide optimal viewing.


Fitconnexion™ Mounting Bracket

This attachable system simply mounts directly onto Matrix Cardio equipment for clean, seamless placement.


Telescoping Fitconnexion™ Stand

The sturdy LCD screen stand can be easily positioned in front of virtually all treadmill equipment for vibration-free performance guarantees.


TV Controller

Use the latest and most sophisticated technology to integrate numeric remote and replaceable headphone jack with an ideal positioning mounting support for TV controls.




The option includes a 7" / 15” Flat-screen TV and a FITCONNEXION™ mounting bracket, available for
T5x, T3x, A5x, I5x, E5x, E5xc, R5x, U5x, S5x and H5x.





The option includes a 15” Flat-screen TV, a FITCONNEXION™ mounting bracket and a TV controller, available for T3x, A5x, I5x, E5xc, R5x, U5x,
S5x and H5x.



The option only has a telescoping FITCONNEXION™ stand. It is recommended that the stand is used in the 15" TV only.






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