MX-R5x Recumbent

  • Ergo Form(TM) seat and back pad for additional comfort and support
  • step-thru entry for easy mounting
  • low-watt starting workload is ideal for beginning, rehab, or deconditioned users
  • integrated handlebar Quick Keys make on-the-fly workout adjustments simple and intuitive
  • JID brushless, maintenance-free generator drive with a 5-year warranty

The Matrix R5x Recumbent Cycle is both functional and aesthetically appealing. The console is designed to be operated by first time users without assistance within 30 seconds of first use. Simple program buttons allow the user to change programs on the fly, or better yet, just press quick-start anytime and go. Users of all levels will benefit from the new step-thru frame design. The step-thru frame makes getting onto the machine as simple as sitting on a chair. The two  part seats are designed to hold up for years of use. Ergonomic shaping contours the seat to the body for less pressure on specific points. At the heart of the machine is a Johnson Integrated Drive (JID) resistance generator with a 5 Year part warranty. All Matrix cycles are designed for the heaviest commercial applications.


Step-Thru Entry

Matrix Hybrid and Recumbent cycles are easy to mount - a feature important to beginning users, older users, and those undergoing physical therapy.

Johnson Integrated Drive Generators

All Matrix ellipticals, cycles and hybrids are cordless and feature maintenance-free generators that do not require a battery to start.

User Interface

Seat Design
Fully padded and shaped back and lower seat
Contact Heart Rate Sensors
Telemetric Heart Rate Receiver
Oversized Platform Pedals
Handlebar Design Seat side and front vertical ergo bend
Remote Operation Keys Yes
Transport Wheels Yes

Resistance System

JID Brushless Generator
Power Requirements
Self Powered (Internal cabling option for LCD TV conection)
Minimum Watts


Display Type LED
Displat Feedback
Time, Speed, Distance, Calories, Watts, Level, Heart Rate, RPM
Manual, Rolling, Intrvals, Fat Burn, Random, Fit Test, Target Heart Rate, Constant Watts
Resistance Levels 25
One-button Quick Start
Pause Time
30 seconds
On-the-fly Program Change
Full-course Screen View
Manager Mode
Max time, Default time
Entertainment FITCONNEXION™ Option

Tech Specs

Overall Dimensions
62"L x 25"W x 49"H / 157 x 64 x 124cm
Maximum User Weight
400lbs / 182kgs.
Weight 180lbs / 82kgs.
Shipping Weight 210lbs / 95kgs.


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