Ideal for heavy use and solid workouts in fitness facilities where space is at a premium and budgets need to stretch further, Endurance Series gives you options. Streamlined designs simplify exercise while providing performance that can challenge true enthusiasts, and everything from Endurance Series is designed and tested to stand up to tough environments and heavy use for years.


Durable | Streamlined

Durable, streamlined designs focus on the essential elements of exercise, making it easy for anyone to get started while satisfying the needs of true exercise enthusiasts looking for challenging workouts.


Flexible Options

Options make it easy to create an offering right for your facility, so count on Endurance Series to meet you where you are when it comes to features, functions and your budget.

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Choose what kind of console technology you pair with your equipment, providing experiences that span from beautifully simple to digitally connected and rich with entertainment. You can also access our most powerful Connected Solutions with WiFi-enabled consoles, including Personal Trainer Portal, Workout Tracking Network and Asset Management.

Endurance Series Lineup

Full commercial cardio platforms include Treadmill, ClimbMill, Stepper, Suspension Elliptical, Upright Cycle and Recumbent Cycle.