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What should I use to clean my console?

For consoles with a touchscreen, fill an atomiser spray bottle with distilled water and spray onto a clean, soft, dry cloth and gently wipe the screen until clean and dry. If the screen is still dirty, add a little vinegar to the spray bottle and gently wipe the screen until clean and dry. For consoles that do not have a touchscreen, use a mild soap with a damp cloth and gently wipe the screen until clean and dry.
Note: Do not use an abrasive cloth, paper towels or any cleaning agents that contain alcohol and/or ammonia.

Why doesn’t the console power on?

There are many things that could cause the console to not power on. Make sure the ON/OFF switch (located near the bottom at the front of the frame) is in the ON position. Inspect the electrical cable and replace if damaged. Ensure the electrical cable is attached to both the frame and the power source. Verify that the power source is adequate for the equipment. Check the circuit breaker and reset if necessary. If the equipment is self-powered, a sustained minimum RPM is required and the console boot-up process may have a slight delay. This delay will be longer if add-on accessories are connected.

What is the USB port used for?

The USB port is for console software updates and/or device charging, depending on the make and model of your equipment and device. For consoles that do not have a touchscreen (1x, 3x, 5x), the USB port is for software updates. For xe touchscreen consoles , the USB port is for console software updates and device charging. For xi touchscreen consoles, the USB port is for console software updates and device charging. It also allows users to access media on their compatible connected device.

What functions are available when connecting an Apple device to the 30-pin cable on the console?

The 30-pin cable charges compatible iPod and iPhone devices. The xe and xi console allows users to access and play their personal Audio/Video content (stored on their iPod/iPhone) on the console screen. When an adaptor is connected to the 30-pin cable, some functionality (specifically video playback) is jeopardised.

Why is there low/no volume?

Inspect the headphone jack for any damage or interference. Insert working headphones into the headphone jack and move the plug to see if sound improves. Make sure “Mute” is not on and increase the audio level using the volume up button. If the same audio content is accessible and acceptable on another similar console, the headphone jack may need replaced.
Note: For 900/863 MHz audio transmitter and receiver, check the cables and connections.


What if a member loses login information (xID number, passcode)?

Members should go to your facility’s Workout Tracking Portal and click “Forgot Passcode” under the sign-in field. They will be prompted to enter the xID or email address associated with the account. Clicking “Submit” will generate a temporary passcode that will be delivered to the associated email address.

What if a member doesn’t receive the validation email?

Instruct the member to sign in with his or her xID and passcode and click the prompt to “resend your validation email”.

What is an xID?

The xID user identification system is a universal numeric user ID for fitness equipment, mobile apps and websites. Members can choose a 10–14 digit number to sign in (phone numbers are easiest to remember). There is a 4–digit numeric passcode for security. Signing in allows members to track and personalise workout activity.

A member signed in on the cardio equipment before a workout but didn’t see the workout in his or her workout history. Can members manually add a missing workout?

Members can add missing workouts online. A member simply signs in with an xID and clicks the “Missing Workout” link under the “My Workouts” tab. He or she enters workout stats and provides as much information as possible about the cardio equipment.
Note: only one “missing” workout can be added per day. There is no limit for “manual entry” workouts per day.

How can a member track workouts on strength or non-connected cardio equipment?

Members can use the “Manual” entry feature under “My Workouts” and enter in workouts by day. They can also link third-party tracking apps and devices to account under “My Profile” tab to automatically track workouts outside of the facility.

Will more third-party apps and devices be added?

Yes, we are continuously adding more. Please let us know your favourite so we can add it to the list.

Can more than one third-party app and device be linked?

Yes, multiple devices can be linked and they will all track.

I don’t see my Third-Party App summary on the “Dashboard” page. Are my accounts linked?

Try a few steps to ensure your account is linked properly:

  1. Log in and sign on to your third-party app account.

  2. Log out of the workout tracking site and sign back in.


What is the Entertainment Tab?

If your facility has internet-connected cardio equipment, members can create music playlists to have a customised experience

while they work out.

Can members watch music video playlist outside of my facility?

The music video feature is currently only available on internet-connected equipment in your facility.

Can members add songs from MP3 players or phones to playlists?

This feature is not currently available, but there are more than 4,000 music videos available in the music video library. To browse the library and add music videos to playlists, go to the “Entertainment” tab.

What if a member doesn’t want workouts highlighted on the Dashboard?

Members can go to the “My Profile” tab and control settings under Privacy.

Can a member participate in more than one challenge?

Absolutely! Members can join as many as they’d like.

What if a member changes facilities? Will fitness activity be lost?

No, members won’t lose their fitness activity. Their xIDs will transfer to any new facility with xID-compatible equipment.

What if a member is unable to login using the xID and passcode even though it is correct?

After five unsuccessful login attempts, an account will be locked for security reasons to protect personal information. If this occurs, the member will receive an email that contains a link to unlock the account and restore access.


The Equipment list on my Facility page is missing a piece of equipment. What do I do?

This is likely due to an error in the equipment’s configuration. Your Facility ID in Asset Management must match the Club ID specified on the console. You must also have the correct Frame and Console Serial Numbers entered on the console. Last, be sure to check your network’s connectivity and that your console can successfully connect to the internet.

What can be done when a workout is performed on a piece of equipment connected to Asset Management but the workout doesn’t seem to be reflected in Asset Management?

The current version of Asset Management is not a real-time application. It may take up to 30 minutes to see new entries to a piece of equipment’s Data Feed. If the problem persists, request support directly from the Equipment Page.

I named my equipment using letters and numbers but they don’t seem to sort in the right order on the Equipment list. What do I do?

Computers sort things following logical rules, sorting values according to their position in the string (e.g. A1, A10, A11, A12, A2 or A01, A02, A03, A04, A05, A06, A07, A08, A09, A10). Make sure that when using alphanumeric values in the equipment names (e.g. A03, B10), always use a leading ‘0’ for numbers 1–9.

How do I report on equipment usage at my facility?

The current version does not provide a true ready-made report feature for this. You can highlight all columns and rows in the Equipment list and then copy it and paste in a spreadsheet for extensive data analysis.

I had a piece of equipment that emitted an error and turned the status light for that piece of equipment red. I have fixed the problem, but the status light has not yet turned green. How do I get it to turn back to green?

When a piece of equipment’s status light turns red and a fix is applied that should make its status green again, the status light may not change immediately. If the problem persists for more than three days, request support directly from the Equipment Page.

My “Average Workouts Per Hour” graph shows peak workout times at the wrong hours of the day? How do I fix this?

This is caused by incorrect time zone selections on the consoles. Make sure the time zone settings are correct and run a workout on each piece of equipment. Check Asset Management to verify that the graph depicts the proper peak periods.

I have a piece of equipment that has a grey status light. What does that mean?

On the Equipment page for that piece of equipment, the Online Status checkbox is selected. When this is selected, the grey status light will display when a piece of equipment has not reported into Asset Management in over four hours. Simply perform a workout on the machine and the status lamp will return to green when that workout is posted to the equipment’s Data Feed.

I have a piece of Equipment that keeps getting a 04A0 error. How do I fix this?

This is typically caused by an incorrect Model Type entered on the console. Make sure that the Model Type matches the Model Type listed on the sticker affixed to the console. If the problem persists, request service directly from the Equipment page.

How to I hide a piece of equipment that is no longer being used at my facility from the Equipment list?

Select the piece of equipment. Go to the Equipment page and make sure that the Active check box is not selected.

I need to create a new user for a staff member at my facility. What do I do?

Call support and request that a new user be created. The user will be able to log in immediately upon completion of the call.

What products does Asset Management work with?

The current version of Asset Management supports the Matrix 5x, 7xe and 7xi series cardio products.

I have a refurbished or replacement console, and I am unable to see it in Asset Management. What do I do?

This is likely because the utilisation statistics were not entered during setup so the default of “0” is being reported to Asset Management. Make sure that the current utilisation statistics for the piece of equipment with the replacement console have been entered. Then run a workout and check for the piece of equipment in the Equipment list.