Signature cardio programs are the foundation of group training, and we offer options that appeal to members of all kinds. Challenge members with the versatile intensity of our user-driven S-Drive and S-Force Performance Trainers. Add our rower to your circuit for low-impact cardio that strengthens the whole body. Offer an upper-body stationary cycle that builds aerobic capacity, strength and endurance with Krankcycle. You can even create an advanced, accessible group cycling experience with our exciting new Training Cycles.

A Colourful New Spin on Group Cycling

Reinvigorate cycling class with precision-engineered training cycles and all-original programming. Vibrant colours help riders and instructors gauge effort while keeping everyone on track for their goals whether you’re measuring watts, heart rate, RPMs, distance or calories

Discover Intensity + Versatility

S-Drive Performance Trainer adds an amazing new dimension to virtually any group training program. The self-powered design makes it easy to integrate, and its unmatched versatility supports a wide range of intense exercises like high-intensity interval training, sled-pushes, resistance training and more.

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Intense By Design

S-Force Performance Trainer combines a specifically designed motion, two active positions and magnetic resistance to build speed and power, taking HIIT workouts to the next level. Use S-Force in small group training or as a stand-alone station on your cardio floor to offer workouts that are low-impact and high-intensity all at once.

The Best Rowing Experience Out of the Water

Take advantage of the growing popularity of rowing in group formats by bringing one of our sleek, thoughtfully designed rowers to your circuit. A small footprint that doesn’t sacrifice performance makes it easy to fit our rower between specialised stations, breaking up weight and functional training with a low-impact cardio workout.