S-Drive Power
S-Drive Power


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Overall Dimensions

195 x 88.3 x 150 cm / 76.8” x 34.8” x 59”

Product Weight

122.5 kg / 270 lbs.

Max User Weight

182 kg / 400 lbs


• The Target Training Display on the S-Drive Power makes it easier than ever for members to take on sprints, sled pushes and parachute training with precision metric tracking. The unique LED wrap helps trainers and members gauge intensity with bright colours and the integrated sub-max heart rate testing allows members to establish personalised targets just right for their ability level.

• The 7-degree incline and natural ground reaction force are ideal for building strength and explosiveness in sprint training without changing the athlete's natural gait.

• Our unique design includes a sturdy, built-in bar that simulates sled pushing and pulling without needing the space to use a traditional sled.

• Multiple sled brake settings help coaches and trainers develop precise progression programs to maximise results.

• A parachute brake with multiple settings gives users the feel of real parachute resistance, perfect for resisted sprint drills without extra gear or access to a large track or field.


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