For group training solutions focused on functional strength, our distinctive offering will give enthusiasts the kind of dynamic exercise experience they won’t find anywhere else. Our smart, modular designs offer flexibility and expandability, making it easy to transform underused spaces into functional training stations and expand your offering as interest in functional training grows.

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Connexus Functional Training System

Ideal for functional training classes where users perform weight-bearing exercises that reflect their daily activities, Connexus gives owners and trainers flexibility, unlimited expandability and the ability to offer immediate feedback to refine form. Multiple attachment points fit a range of accessories and training modalities, so you can create classes that serve members of all kinds.

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Exercise Library

Access over 200 Connexus exercises that instructors can use to build and choreograph their own classes and training routines. They can also use the library to modify existing programming by finding alternate exercises to raise or lower intensity for members of varying fitness levels.


Double MEGA Rack

A combination of two racks and custom connecting elements, Double MEGA Rack lets you tailor your equipment to your facility. The heavy-gauge steel uprights and heavy-duty frames mean the Double MEGA Rack can handle your toughest athletes and your most rigorous workouts. Maximise your space and your athletes with the Double MEGA Rack.