Versa Medical Leg Press
Versa Medical Leg Press


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Overall Dimensions

263.2 x 121.9 x 188.3 cm / 103.7” x 48” x 74.2”

Product Weight

372 kg / 820 lbs

Max User Weight

159 kg / 350 lbs


• Retractable foot rest keeps the client’s off leg clear of moving parts while performing one-leg exercises

• Large informational placards provide clear adjustment and progression instructions for medical professionals and clients working independently

• Optional incremental weight allows increases as small as 0.9 kg / 2 lbs to help clients of all ability levels see real progress

• Optional accessory package includes a heel cup, wedge block and wire mount to help medical professionals provide a greater variety of specific exercises

• Optional step stool helps those with physical limitations enter or exit the leg press more easily and safely

• Optional force plate holder lets medical professionals connect a third-party device to measure the left- and right-foot force applied, ideal for clients striving to build balance

• Class I Med CE certified for therapeutic, rehab and active-aging environments creating a wide range of progression programs, including isometric, loaded isometric, isotonic, plyometric, elastic and combined (elastic and weight stack) exercises

• Carriage lockout and range-of-motion limiter restrict carriage movement for isometric contractions while protecting clients from overextending

• Range of motion limiter prevents movement of the carriage beyond a determined point

• One-handed foot platform adjustment allows easy range of motion changes from the seated position

• Adjustable shoulder pads and flat-to-incline (2.5°-78°) gas-assisted seat back provide flexible progressions and comfortable use for clients of all sizes

• Low starting weight of 2.63 kg / 5.8 lbs offers gradual progression

• Therapist foot platform adjustment allows range of motion changes from a standing position outside the machine

• Band hooks make it easy to add external resistance bands for elastic and plyometric training

• Stack disconnect allows free movement of the carriage without additional resistance, ideal for deconditioned, rehabbing and injured clients


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